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Sunday, 2 September 2012

September challenges

The first challenge that I am participating in is called the Quarterly challenge. It is already on the seventh one. These challenges happen every 3 months and are 4 times a year hence quarterly challenge.


Duration: September 2012-November 2012
We are a YA Book Club so all books should be young adult

1. In honor of banned book week which will be held this year from Sept 30th-Oct 6th, read a book that was banned or challenged. Find a list of challenged books here.

2. Read a book that is released in Sept, Oct, or Nov of this year. Here are some forSeptember,October,and November.

3. Read a young adult themed book from the 1980s (hope this one isn't too hard to find). You can find some examples here on goodreads.

4. Read a book that is the farthest down on your TBR pile that you keep putting off (you can find this by looking at your book list on goodreads and arranging it by date added).

Thanks to Emily for the following challenges!
5. Halloween (my favorite time of year!!)- read a book with a supernatural MC.

6.Columbus Day - Seeing as this day is a celebration for "discovering" the "new world", read a book that is set in an alternate world/universe.

7. October 11 is National Coming Out Day - so read a book with a gay/lesbian/bi character. You can find examples here.

8. Nanowrimo - National Novel Writing Month is about quantity rather than quality so read a book with over 500 pages.

9. Labor Day - read a book with a (mostly) white cover (before it's too late). Here are some ideas forwhite book covers. You will have to find the YA books though.

10. International Men's Day (Nov 19) - read a book with a male protagonist (unless this has already been done).

When I finish a book that counts for a categorie I will put it in the review.

- Another challenge is the September Reading Challenge: Indie books. Where you have to read as many Indie books as you can in the month time frame.

- and finally another challenge title the September Reading Challenge but this one has categories that you have to read.

1) Read a book with a rose in the cover
2) Read a book set on the ocean/sea
3) Read a book set on the forest/jungle
4) Read a book about sirens
5) Read a book with or based on a tragic dead
6) Read an interracial book
7) Read a book with a grey cover
8) Read a book about witches
9) Read a book where one of the main characters has a physical defect
10) Read a book set around sports

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