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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Review #179: Schasm- Shari J. Ryan

Summary: When reality utterly fails you, there is always the comfort of the land of dreams. Chloe Valcourt, a tormented nineteen-year-old young woman, has for twelve years hovered between a daily life dominated by an abusive mother and an imagined alternate world that exists only in her mind’s eye. Can she keep track of which is real—and whether or not she is real, too? Schasm is the mind-bending young adult romance by Shari J. Ryan that mines the heart of darkness, where one young woman seeks light in her own shimmering daydreams. 

A psychological condition has captured the body, mind, and soul of Chloe, and thrust her into the hands of probing doctors at the continued mercy of her tyrannical mother. As she struggles to break free of the grim life into which she was born, she continues to suffer the daily assaults from her mother and the dispiriting weakness of her dejected father. When Chloe unexpectedly finds herself drawn into a new, warm life abundant in love and romance with a kindhearted man named Alex, the escape at last gives her a happiness that she's never been allowed to feel. However, when hidden truths reveal a life that she cannot remember, Chloe finds herself lost between what is real and what isn't.

Blending extreme daydreaming, alternating realities, and multiple personalities, Schasm is a gripping tale that treads the thin line between a harrowing reality and the captivating terrain of an imagined world. As Chloe plays too close to the edge of insanity, her multiple realities clash, leaving her to question everything, including her own existence. Anyone who relishes a flight of fancy with richly drawn characters and surprising twists of plot will be immersed in the strange new world of Schasm, where nothing is at it seems.
Title: Schasm
Author: Shari J. Ryan
Pages: 372
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Review: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.
I was very drawn to this book because I love reading about mental illness'. They are so intriguing to me. But I found that the story didn't really match the summary. I really liked thes Tory but it was all overt he place and I kept getting lost. I was also confused as to what was real and what' wasn't (which I think was the authors intention). I'm just not sure how I feel about that. I do however really want to read book two in hopes of receiving me information.
As for the characters, il iked them but they left me unsure. I feel as thought Chloe isn't "crazy" but that her mother has made her think that she is. Also Chloe's mom is a jerk and I can't figure out her reasoning for what she has done to Chloe. I know we got a tidbit of backstory but it wasn't good enough for me lol. Also are Celia and Alex even real? I can't decide. And what's with Chloe's uncle? Is everything just a big conspiracy?
This was definitely an interesting read that drew me in and left me wanting more. It was a bit confusing but still an entertaining read. I would recommend it to those who enjoy reading about mental illness and also those who like a mystery.

About this author

I have always dreamt of becoming an author, and finally decided it was time to pursue this lifelong aspiration by writing my debut young adult novel, Schasm. I have long nurtured a passion for art, reading, and writing, hobbies that have become a mental escape from my busy life. In the past year, I have put my heart and soul into the creation of my novel, which has taught me that it is never too late and nothing is too hard. I graduated with a bachelors of science degree from Johnson & Wales University and have written hundreds of articles for various online publications. I am married with two sons.

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