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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Review #29: My Diary- Mary Skies

Title: My Diary
Author: Mary Skies
Pages: 13
Rating: 2/5 Stars
Review: So I'm not really into poetry. But I wanted to give this book a shot. I did enjoy the story that was depicted in the poems, but I wasn't a fan of everything as a whole. I feel like it might have been better as a story instead of poems. I felt like the poems were hinging on boring, not in story but in design. For example I would have liked to see the poems set up for example in the way that Ellen Hopkins does in her books. Also maybe some pictures would have given the blank pages some "umph" that they needed. Even if it was just a broken heart. Just little fixes like that I I think the book would get better star ratings. 
I want to thank the author Mary for being brave enough to share her story in the first place, even though you could tell that it really had hurt her.

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