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Monday, 5 November 2012

Review #31: The Moon Stealers- Tim Flanagan

Title: The Moon Stealers
Author: Time Flanagan
Pages: 188
Rating: 3/5 Stars
I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.
I think this book is confused. Yes the book not me. I felt like half of the book was for children while the other half was for YA maybe adults. But with those halves put together, I don't know who this book is for. Some parts are too gruesome for children, while other parts are too childish for YA. It felt like two completely different stories. One about children, immortals and possibly fairies, while the other is about aliens and secret agents I guess you could call them. I didn't feel like it came together at all in this book, except for minor crossovers with the aliens. 
The characters are oaky. Peter showed up for two minutes. Joe and max are desperate to find Peter even though they aren't even friends, which is series to me. Scarlet is an empty character. She is there to "save" the boys once and then just fill space. Now Georgia atleast killed an alien and found a severed hand. Steven is a nerd, with a jobbing chasing hoaxes. Then there is creepy Edgar who hangs out with little kids and claims to be from the past and that there is a realm of fae. Which we don't see at all in this book. My favourite character was Tracker for obvious reasons. He can shoot a gun, he knows how to stay alive when there is an Apocolypse and I'm sure that her is ruggedly handsome. Enough said.
Overall I liked the book. It just had two separate stories combined into one. I just wish that the author had made two books instead. Most likely I will read the next book to see if fairies make an appearance.

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