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Monday, 26 November 2012

Review # 41: Punished- Vanessa Steel

Title: Punished
Author: Vanessa Steel
Pages: 339
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Review: *Spoiler Alert*

This is the real- life story of Vanessa, a young girl who's life started off rough right from the date of her adoption at 6 months old. The book shares Vanessa's past and a little bit of the present, the terrible and the best times of her life. This is one of the most horrific books that I have ever read in my life. I can't believe the torture that Vanessa's "mother" put her through. All Vanessa wants is for her mother to love and accept her. A lot of awful things that happened to Vanessa made me nauseated. This book was hard for me to read because of all the graphic details. 
I am very grateful that the spirits were present to help guide Vanessa through the roller coaster of her life. I'm glad they shared bits of her future that made her want to continue with her life and have goals to work toward. I am so sorry that those disgraceful things happened to Vanessa, but I am glad that she has broken the cycle. I hope that other people read this book and can be brave enough to get help. I also hope that he people that hurt Vanessa felt guilty for their whole existence. I hope they got what was coming to them. I wish that Vanessa's family had been more willing to help her so that she didn't have to endure so much unnecessary torture. I wish they would have spoke up so those bastards would have been punished for their heinous acts. 
Vanessa thank you for being brave enough to survive and for sharing your heartfelt story.

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