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Monday, 24 December 2012

Review #56: Legacy of Moon and Fire: Matt Larkin

I recieved this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.
This is the second novel by Matt Larkin that I have had the privilege of reading. This is book two in the Skyfall series and it is better than the first one if you ask me. Matt is so great at weavi a new world for you to lose yourself in.
This novel is more of Malin's story with a little of Ratna and Chandi mixed in. In the end they are tangle together and answer some questions but you are still left with mystery and speculation of what's to come. Matt has no fear of adding new characters, killing off old characters and even bringing back characters that you thought you had seen the last of. Over the course of the book some characters grow by learning from their mistakes while others end up dead from being to stubborn to take responsibility for their actions. 
My new favourite character is Pohaci, a buaya jadian or in lamens terms, a were- crocodile. She stole my heart because of haw badly she had been mistreated in the beginning. Plus she is Malin's new lover. So yeah a were- tiger and a were- crocodile hooking up, no further explaination needed. Even though I really like her I have this crazy feeling that she isn't what she seems, another character mentioned something which lead me to believe this. I can't wait to find out her secrets. 
Another great read curiosity of Matt Larkin. If you are into epic fantasies you should probably pick this series up. I look forward to continuing the series.

About this author

Matt was born and raised in Virginia, and graduated from the College of William and Mary there. His lifelong love of fantasy began with The Hobbit. This led him to start writing his own stories at a young age. His primary influences are mythology and history. He now lives in Florida with his wife.

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