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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Blog Tour and Review: Becoming Invisible- Tiffany Carmouche

Summary: Becoming Invisible is the third book in a New Adult series about finding unexpected love and a woman’s fight for survival.

When fire consumes the Carlisle’s home and an obsessed serial killer continues to hunt Nicole and her family, Dylan and Bradley realize the only way to keep them alive is to help them become… invisible.

Rating: 5/5 Stars
Review: I received this e-ARC free from the author in exchange for an honest review.
This is the third book by Tiffany Carmouche in the Alaskan Heart Saga that I have been lucky enough to get my hands on. I just want it to be known that everything Tiffany Carmouche touches turns to gold and she probably poops rainbows, plus she can write a mean book! I was having heart palpitations through this whole book while sitting on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens. In other words I was almost having a heart attack but getting turned on at the same time with all these sexy scenes that I mat get enough of. Again, this book was another roller coaster filled with emotions, you feel happy and at peace at one moment and scared for your life and the characters in the next. But it doesn't even matter because this series is so good it's worth it!
Now what can I say about these characters?? Well, I still haven't chosen between Dylan and Bradley, although it seems theta Nicole has. But I feel like that may change because one of them has been getting more "daddy time" with Jessica and that Amit play a huge role is who Nicole will eventually pick with each book I have become more and more paranoid about all of the characters. I am not sure if everyone is who they claim to be. And the super villain is just as evil if not more in this instalment. He becomes more twisted with each novel. Nicole was a basket case in the book, but with good reason. I can't wait book four!!!
Of course I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone because not only do I love Tiffany Carmouche but I love The Alaskan Heart Saga. I would have her little book babies if I could! This series is just plan amazing and it will keep your heart pounding from the moment the book is open until it is closed. But reader beware, there is a cliff hanger! As always I was lead to believe that there were more pages, don't be fooled..... There aren't!

About this author:
When Tiffany Carmouché is not writing novels, you can find her sculpting, traveling, teaching, singing, dancing, escaping in music or enjoying her family.
She loves to travel. Sky diving in Alaska, riding camels in Africa, working with orphans in Argentina, dancing salsa in Ecuador, scuba diving in Hawaii, traveling throughout Spain, swimming under the stars in Puerto Rico and walking the cobblestone roads of Assisi, Italy are a few of her adventures. Her most cherished moments, however, have been watching her two beautiful daughters strive to accomplish their dreams.
For many years, she put her passions on hold. She lost sight of who she was and the things that made her truly happy. She says she felt almost defeated, but now she is recommitted to savoring experiences both in the novels she writes and in the life she lives each day. And her secret hope is anyone who is struggling will realize there is a light at the end of the tunnel and no matter how hard the fight, no matter how many times you have been knocked down, it is always worth staggering up to your feet and learning to breathe again.

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