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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Review #185: Scapemaker- Steve V. Cypert

Summary: Matthew is the son of Mr. Nicholas Namely, a local high school teacher. But unbeknownst to Matthew, his father is a dreamscaper whose classroom is connected to the dream-world. From his classroom, his students enter the halls of Scapemaker, a dream-world high school for young dreamscapers.

Following a couple of heartfelt tragic events, Matthew is compelled to investigate the unbelievable mysteries surrounding those events and is propelled into a whole new world. Matthew and his mother, Mae, are soon coerced into moving across the country for his father's strange medical needs. While attending his new school, Matthew comes to know the secrets that Daedree, an annoying girl from his former high school, has locked away. Matthew also meets Amber, a beautiful enigmatic girl who leads him to Mr. Xoner's classroom. While there, he learns the art of dreamscaping (which has been in the Namely bloodline for thousands of years).

Matthew will come to know of Nox Celare, otherwise known as The Sandman, who is after a special element called Magineum. Neck deep in skinwalkers, sandsleepers, zombies, soul feeders, ghosts, dream-world criminals known as “night terrors” and more, Matthew learns he is in over his head. Matthew must not only solve the mysteries surrounding those tragic events, but he will also have to protect the Magineum with his life and find a way to be with the one girl of his dreams. Filled with secrecy, mystery and a forbidden tangle of young love, this new life will lead Matthew to unbelievable characters with the most extraordinary abilities he could never have imagined.

Scapemaker will keep you grounded in the real world while at the same time make the fantastical world around it that much more possible and enduring. This tale of young adult paranormal fantasy will keep you guessing and wanting more.
Title: Scapemaker
Author: Steve V. Cypert
Pages: 466
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Review: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.
At first I wasn't really sure what to think of this book, I couldn't really tell the age group that the author was shooting for but once I got into the novel I really enjoyed it. I feel as though is would appeal to many age groups. I also really enjoyed the storyline because I felt like it was a new and original idea that you can easily lose yourself in. I never felt lost while reading because I feel like the author gave amazing details and backgrounds into the world he had created.
The characters in the book were interesting to read about. I liked that they were all at different stages of knowing about dreamscaping. I enjoyed learning about dreamscaping right along with Matthew. I'm glad there was the little love triangle between Matthew, Amber and Deadree . I hope in the next book we get to learn more about nick! Mae and also Nox. I can't wait to hear their stories. I feel like most of these characters showed growth over the course of the novel.
Overall I did really enjoy this book and I am excited for book two. The ending was a bit of a cliff-hanger so I look foreword to finding out what will happen. I would recommend this book to Paranormal/ Fantasy lovers.

About this author

Steve is the second child of seven born in Los Angeles, California to a wonderful mother and father. Born into the LDS faith, Steve served a 2 year full-time LDS mission at the age of nineteen in the northern half of Ohio. 

At twenty-four he moved from his parents’ home in Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, Utah to try out life on his own. 2 decades later he still lives in Utah, where he found and married his beautiful wife, Katie.

Today they live in South Jordan, Utah with their bald little 6 month old son, Ozzie and their very hairy son, Duke - a three year old Shih Tzu (see Steve’s blog for a photo).

Before fining his [mostly] sweet wife, Steve graduated from LDS Business College in 2000. He then moved on to the University of Utah where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications three years later.

For as long as he can remember, Steve has loved to come up with creative and far-fetched stories. Sometime in the early 2000's, he decided to put one of his story ideas on paper. He wrote a poem titled "Pirate and Captain". The poem was an adventurous tale. He then decided to write the story as a novel. He wrote "Port of Errors" in just three months. However, it took him nine years to research, edit and put the missing pieces together. Port of Errors will eventually be a trilogy under the name "Born of Tyranny”.

Steve will always love the stereotypical, romanticized version of piracy. But he has more cooking in that oven. Steve has now written a second novel, the first in a series of 4. But this one is a YA paranormal fantasy - out in 2012. The title, at first, was "The Son of Nicholas Namely". But Steve soon changed the name to "Scapemaker", which will be the name of the series. As of January 2013, the second book has a completed, detailed outline and he will begin writing it shortly.

Steve loved photography and is very good at it. He shot weddings for a while, but mainly loves wildlife and landscape. He also loves volleyball and hiking. He has a mountain bike, but never rides it. He loves to write. And finally, he is a sad self-indulgent, fanatic, addict, junkie, freak, and lover - of movies!

(Steve also wrote a children's book called "Biggle and Bee" while waiting for the completion of the first Scapemaker edit.)

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