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Monday, 30 December 2013

Review #196: Truth- Julia Karr

Title: Truth
Author: Julia Karr
Pages: 299
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Summary: An exciting dystopian thriller, and sequel to XVI

Nina Oberon's life has changed enormously in the last few months. When her mother was killed, Nina discovered the truth about her father, the leader of the Resistance. And now she sports the same Governing Council�ordered tattoo of XVI on her wrist that all sixteen-year-old girls have. The one that announces to the world that she is easy prey to predators. But Nina won't be anyone's stereotype. And when she joins an organization of girls working within the Resistance, she knows that they can put an end to one of the most terrifying secret programs the GC has ever conceived. Because the truth always comes out . . . and the consequences can be deadly.

Review: I recently purchased this book excited to read it after having read XVI and really enjoying it. It was okay. Nothing really happens until the last, maybe, 50 pages and then everything happens at once. And the worst part is the book just ends without telling you anything. Everyone disappears to different places, but where? What will happen to the “Media” now that the leader was exposed? Why didn’t Nina and her sister just live with their dad from the start? Will they ever tell Dee that he is her father? Gah! SO many unanswered questions, it’s driving me nuts!
So besides all of the unanswered questions, the book was okay. There were a couple of intense parts. So I really hope that there is another book so I can find out what will happen to everyone. Also, who will Nina choose?

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