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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Review #285: Torn to Pieces- Margot McDonnell

Title: Torn to Pieces
Author: Margot McDonnell
Pages: 272
Rating: 3.5/5 Stars
Summary: Anne is used to her single mother’s being away on extended business trips. But when her mom is a few days late coming home and her hotel phone has been disconnected, Anne knows something is wrong. Then a strange man starts leaving messages on their answering machine, threatening a woman Anne has never heard of.
Frightened and worried, Anne confides in her grandparents, who give Anne a sealed envelope containing a letter that her mother wrote before she left. With each page, the fabric of Anne’s relatively normal life is torn to pieces. Not only does her mother explain why she disappeared, but she reveals other dark secrets that put Anne in grave danger. Now Anne doesn’t know whom to trust . . . especially since those closest to her are not who they claim to be.
Review: I grabbed this book originally because I thought this cover was amazing. The book synopsis is also very intriguing and made me want to read this book even more. Torn to Pieces was a mystery in a mystery mixed in with a bit of thriller. I did like the idea of this novel but it just felt like it was a bit slow throughout. Also I wasn't sure how "realistic" these events would be, saying that I know that this is a fictional novel lol.
The characters in this book were okay. I think Anne's mom was the biggest and best character even though she was there in presence only. I feel like Anne did somethings that were unrealistic. How would she know to do some of the things she did? I did admire her for how she handled things at the end of the book. 
Overall, this novel was pretty good. It kept me interested but it was a bit slow for a mystery thriller. Despite my feelings, I would still recommend this to readers looking for a YA contemporary mystery.

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