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Thursday, 25 April 2013

#119: Willow- Amy Richie

Summary: “Being a werewolf is harder than it looks. Everyone thinks it’s just morph at the full moon, kill, morph back. That’s not true. It’s a lot harder than that. Especially if you are seventeen years old.”

Willow has the worst luck. First she has to deal with her narcissistic foster mother, Bella; then of course there’s her horrid little sister Ivy; not to mention the pack of werewolves that belong to Bella. Now, they have to move and start a new school - again.

Just when Willow thinks things can’t get any worse, Blake shows up from a council she never knew existed to name her leader of a pack she never knew existed. How was she supposed to teach a bunch of teenagers how to be wolves when she herself hated everything about her life?
Title: Willow
Author: Amy Richie
Pages:  276
Rating: 5/5Stars
Review:  I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
I love werewolves!!! They are so hot and sexy! Think of Alcide from True Blood, yum yum :) Willow gives there reader another perspective on pack life, the pack is lead by a feale alpha. I don't think that I have read another book like that. Even though it was about big, bad wolves, Willow was a cute and fun read. I also enjoyed all the SHOCKERS!!! Although I did find one of them predictable but still surprising at the same time. Like your reading it and you make a prediction and you know it is right but you don't want it to be true. There were also a few random romances and one serious one that I can't wait to see where it ends up. This book just had that"it" factor for me, I just wanted to read until I was finished. 
I loved these charcters. I felt like they are had extreme chemistry adn were very comfortable with each other. They all fought and bugged each other like siblings but would also die for each other. You could really see Willoe mature a lot but I know she still haves a lot to learn to go from a good leader to a great one. Those boys, good thing they are hot because sometimes they aren't very smart lol. I can't wait to follow up one everything in the next book. 
"Fern" is going to be so intense! Will good prevail or will evil dominate? That is the question. And I can't wait to find out the answer. I would recommend this book to paranoraml lovers and werewolf fans.

About this author

I wear many hats. Author, mother, cook, housekeeper, laundry do-er, sister, daughter. I enjoy writing, it allows me to escape the realities of life: bills, day job, baths, supper, dieting, cleaning the litter box.
My writing is usually romantic in nature with a bit of humor and a bit of surprise. My books range from Vampires who fall in and out of love so many times I had to make it a series to christian stories of finding out what is important in life.
I have always loved writing. During my high school days I wrote one book. It was a vampire love story. It took me so long to write it that I began to think of the characters as real people. I still do that today.
On a personal note: I have three wonderful children - Gavin, Arabelle, and Elijah, two not so wonderful cats, and two rats. We all live in a small town in northern Ohio. There is more corn here than vampires or werewolves, at least that I know of.

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