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Monday, 22 April 2013

Review #114: Savannah's Story- Jodi Stone

Summary: All Savannah wants is for someone to play with her. When she asks her older sisters to play, they both turn her down. It's at that very moment when Savannah makes a wish that leads her on a magical journey...one that will lead her on a trip through her favorite dollhouse and floating on a cloud of bubbles. Follow along with Savannah as she realizes the true meaning of friendship and family.
Title: Savannah's Story
Author: Jodi Stone
Pages: 25
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Review: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This is an adorable, rhyming story with hand drawn pictures by the author Jodi Stone, to accompany the charcters wild adventure. I feel like this cute book and all of the pink (my favorite color) would appeal to all little girls. Also because this book is a great read it would appeal to both little children and their parents. Definitely a book for dreamers.

About this author

I am a published children's book author and illustrator. I have five published books with Solstice Publishing, and just signed contracts to have two books published with Anchor Group Publishing. I love to read, write, and draw, but my first love is the love I have for my family and friends. I pray that I may continue on this amazing journey, and look forward to a future as an author/illustrator surrounded by those I love.

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