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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Blog Tour and Review: Saint Sloan- Kelly Martin

Summary: When Sloan Bridges is seventeen years and three hundred, sixty-four days old, her dream of having a perfect birthday is shattered. Home alone after spending the afternoon working on a science project at the new boy’s house, Sloan is brutally attacked in her kitchen by a man she can’t recognize. The only clue she has to go on is what he whispers in her ear, “You deserve this.”

The police have one suspect—Aaron Hunter, older brother of ‘the new boy’, who picked Sloan up a few nights before as she ran from a party. Adamant that he didn’t do it, Aaron begs Sloan to believe him. For her part, Sloan doesn’t know who to trust. She never saw her attacker’s face, and when she does picture it, it’s Aaron’s face she sees standing over her.

Trying to move on is impossible with a former best friend who taunts her and gives her the moniker, “Saint Sloan”, an ex-boyfriend who doesn’t understand why she changed a few months before her attack, and Aaron’s brother, Ray, who makes Sloan smile but has a side she doesn’t understand.

With her attacker ready to strike again, Sloan has to figure out who would hurt her and stop him before he finishes what he started.

Happy birthday to her…
Title: Saint Sloan
Author: Kelly Martin
Pages: 231
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Review: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. Usually I don't read book synopsis' at all lol, so I was thinking that this book was paranormal for some reason. And I fell in love with this cover. When I started reading this book I quickly realized that it wasn't paranormal it was contemporary and I very much enjoyed it. It was a nice surprise. I found Saint Sloan to be a quick read because it was very fast paced. I loved the mystery and thrills that the book included. I also loved the twist. The reader thinks that they have the villain figured out, but you don't! The only part of the book that I wasn't jiving on was the religion that was included. But Kelly Martin did the religion in a classy way as to not preach to the reader.
I liked Sloan as a character because I found her to be fairly relatable. I've been in that position where y lose your best friend and then are branded as a "slut" whether you are or not. So I feel for her. But unfortunately for Sloan, everything crossed the line and I feel terrible that she had to go through that. I think that Sloan has a good head on her shoulders and since being "saved" makes pretty good decisions. Especially when it comes to her love life.
I have a feeling that there might be a second book in the process (fingers crossed), because of some of the events that occurred at the end of this novel. I will be checking out more books by Kelly Martin. I would recommend this book to contemporary lovers.

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I'm a southern mommy who writes YA/Christian fiction. By day, I'm a preschool teacher. By night, I'm a crazy-haired multi-tasker who writes and plots with three kids running around (and/or sitting on me).

My favorite books are those that I get so caught up in that I look down a few 'minutes' later and I'm 100 pages from where I stared.

My first novel, CROSSING THE DEEP, is a YA/Inspirational book called "unexpected" and an "incredible read". It is available now.

My second, SAINT SLOAN, is about a girl who wants the perfect 18th birthday, and her attacker who has other ideas (duh, dun, dun!) It's also a YA/Inspy.

BIG IS BEAUTIFUL is coming out Sept. 2013.

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I love God, am addicted to chocolate, and would rather write than sleep.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review the book. I was very much going for 'non-preachy' and I'm very glad it came across :) And I love the cover too. :) Thanks again :)