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Monday, 20 May 2013

Review #126: Bone and Bread- Saleema Nawaz

Title: Bone and Bread
Author: Saleema Nawaz
Publisher: House of Anansi Press Inc.
Pages: 445
Rating: 3/5 Stars
Review: I received this book free in a giveaway hosted by Goodreads First Reads.

The main reason that I entered this giveaway for this book was the summary. It sounded so interesting having orphaned sisters one being anorexia and one having a teen pregnancy. That sold me and then I was excited about having actually won. But unfortunately, the story feel a little short for me. It would jump between present day and past events every other chapter. I definitely enjoyed the past events better. The past gave so much more detail into the girls lives and how they were raised and what hardships they had overcame to be where there were today. I did also enjoy the mystery behind Sadhanna's death, but I was disappointed in what had actually happened. There was so much potential for it to have been a better story to her passing. And secretly I wish that there had be some exortion going on. 

I found Sadhanna to be the better character because she had so much personality. She was defiant and stubborn but also was the best aunt that Quinn could have asked for. I really wish that we could have seen more into her present life and also read her journal entries. Beena was a very blah character. Her claim to fame was getting knocked up at sixteen. After that it was downhill from there. The other thing that confused me about her was she hadn't graduated, but she went to college but she never actually went to work. How did she pay for anything? Did they just get money from the bagel shop at that was enough to live off. Weird. Quinn was also very blah for me. He was just there. He didn't really do anything. 
I do want to give a shout out to Salemma Nawaz because she is a fellow Canadian so that is awesome. I also really thought this cover was perfect for the story. I just didn't enjoy the story that much. I'm not sure if I would recommend this book to anyone unless they enjoy a slower read.

About the Author: 

Saleema Nawaz is a Canadian author whose works of short fiction have been published in literary journals such as Prairie FirePRISM InternationalGrainThe Dalhousie Review, and The New Quarterly. Nawaz was born in OttawaOntarioand later moved to WinnipegManitoba in order to study English at the University of Manitoba, where she received her M.A. with a creative writing thesis.Her first complete collection of short fiction, entitled Mother Superior, was published byFreehand Books in 2008. Nawaz completed her first novel, Bone and Bread, published by Anansi Press in 2013, while residing in MontrealQuebec.

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