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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Cover Reveal: Dying to Return- Trish Marie Dawson

Book Title: Dying to
Author: Trish Marie Dawson
Release Date: Summer 2013
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Presented by: As You Wish


Dying to Return is the 3rd book in the
Young Adult Fantasy The Station Series. Piper Willow's adventure in the
afterlife continues as she struggles to discover who she is and what is
expected of her. Faced with decisions that could change everything, she
must weigh her desire to be with the ones she has come to love, or satisfy
her curiosity and find out what lies beyond her world with someone new.
What Piper experiences and the choices she makes could not only alter the
delicate inner workings of the Station, but the delicate balance that Piper
has managed to maintain inside herself. In the end, will it all be worth


A heaviness settles over the table and
Andella is no longer giggling. "Why did you do it, Piper

"Andella!" her father hisses. He seems
embarrassed for her, but she holds my stare across the wide table. I see
nothing sinister, just simple curiosity in her eyes.

I reach for my blue-tinted glass and sip at
the water. Gulping down air, I try on my best smile and elbow Rush slightly
when I feel his gentle prodding at the locked gates my mind.

"I can't answer that. I mean…" I pause,
allowing myself to reflect, "I guess I do know why. But I don't know why I
thought killing myself was the only option." With a shrug, I sip more

Andella reclines slightly in her chair and
nods. "Unlike my brother," she shoots Rush a warm smile, "I have not
traveled to your world, but I have seen into it. There is much sadness
there. Such a loss of potential. I think you are different though. I think
on some level, you must have known there was something else beyond your
life. Did you not?"

I twirl the fabric napkin on my lap while
considering the question carefully. "I think I just wanted that life to be
over." I feel the tears building up in my eyes as my voice drops to just
above a whisper, "Some people call it Heaven, a better place after life. I
didn't care about Heaven or Hell, I just wanted out."

A large hand reaches toward me and I look
up through my blurred vision to find Andulen's hand atop mine. Rush is also
touching me, and though she's clear across the table, I feel Andella's
calming presence as well.

"Child. You cannot fit your life into a
square coffer. It will find a way to spill out over the sides and explore
that which surrounds it. Even once that coffer is lidded, your life doesn't
cease to exist - you carry on. That is what you have done, Piper Willow.
That is why you sit here with us this evening, eating and drinking and
breathing. Your life - it will always struggle to stay outside that coffer.
Do you understand this?"

I nod at Andulen and smile as he squeezes
my hand before releasing it. My voice wouldn't work even if I had words
appropriate to use, so I sip from my tinted glass again.

"Now. I have serious matters to discuss
about this Earth of yours. The first thing, a question I have had on my
mind since my Son here breached the subject to me." He pauses with his face
set into a hard expression and I gulp. "Can you explain to me what Rugby


Trish was born and mostly raised in San
Diego, California where she lives now with her family and pets. She's been
writing short stories and poetry since high school after an obsession with
Stephen King's 'The Stand'. After over fifteen years of crazy dreams and an
overactive imagination, Trish began her first book 'I Hope You Find Me' in
December of 2011. When Trish isn't writing, she's homeschooling her amazing
daughter and mildly autistic son, reading whatever she can get her hands
on, or enjoying the Southern California sun. As a strict Vegetarian, Trish
holds a special place in her heart for animal rights and dashes into the
backyard weekly to rescue lizards and mice from her mini-lab/cocker spaniel
mixed dog, Zoey...who is always getting into some sort of


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