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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Show your Support Kindle Giveaway!!!

Hey Everyone!!
So I am a part of this awesome blog hop that someone will will a kindle!!! Yay!! We were given the instructions to do whatever kind of post we wanted. Very dangerous for me haha. But I think most of you know about me. So who wants to hear me about something you already know about lol not me haha. So I think I will spotlight a few authors that I have really loved reading and getting the chance to meet.

J.L. Hickey!
He is my boy! Such an amazing author with a ton of potential. If you haven't read his books please do, you won't regret it.

Jessica Chase!
Her debut book came out this year and I had the privilege of reading the ARC and it was so good! Plus she rocks!

T.M. Scott!
Her book also was just released and I will be reading her full length novel and short story in a few days. But she is such a sweet heart and love chatting it up with her.

Heidi Acosta!
I love Heidi! She rocks my socks. Plus she writes a mean YA contemporary novel. Heidi is also down to earth and is a good listener and talker haha. Love you Heidi <3

Christy Sloat!
Also writes a mean YA. She has a few series going on and a new release coming out (the second novel in her Visitor's series). Christy is also an awesome girl, and I love her too!

There are so many more awesome authors to read from. Felicia Tatum, Nadege Richards, Kristen Day, Frankie Rose, K.B. Miller, Jennifer Malone Wright, Ruthi Kight, Derinda Love. I really could go on forever. I just want to let you all know that I love you and you rock. Plus you make it worthwhile to read books!! I don't know what kind of weird stuff I would be reading if you weren't all around to influence me ;) and the best part is you are all one of a kind and are some of the best and  nicest (I know, terrible adjective) people that I have ever met. I love the reading community, most people are super awesome and nice and are willing to do anything for you. So again just a giant thanks and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! Oh and here is a fun little giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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