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Monday, 19 May 2014

Review #249: Charity's Storm- DeAnna Kinney

Title: Charity's Storm
Author: DeAnna Kinney
Series: Charity #4
Pages: 170
Format: Ebook
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Summary: In this fourth installment in the Charity Series, Charity is now 24 and very content with her life. Her 5 year old triplets keep her grounded, she is passionately in love with her husband, and her pack is thriving. But when her children begin asking questions about how her father died, painful memories resurface. In a heart-warming dream, her father convinces her that that it is time to share those memories with her most trusted mate, Levi, in order to heal once and for all. But will reliving the stormiest time in her life finally give Charity the peace and closure she so desperately needs? Or will it open a door, ushering in a danger that none of them are prepared for?
Review: I received this book free from the authors in exchange for an honest review.
I love the Charity series and was ecstatic when DeAnna Kinney contacted me to see if I wanted to read and review Charity's Storm, the fourth instalment. I loved being included when Charity told Levi about what had happened to her father, despite the grim outcome. I'm glad we were finally able to find out what happened. I also like the varying POVs, especially little Deacon's. It is a little bittersweet that Charity and Levi have grown up, but at the same time i loved being on their journey. 
I heard that there will be a spin-off with the triplets all grown up. I have a feeling that they will be a sexy handful and I want to be on that journey as well. I would recommend this novel to werewolf lovers.

About this author

I am a wife of nineteen years and a mother of three amazing kids. I consider myself as fun-loving and a bit peculiar. Besides writing, I love reading, the color purple, Star Wars, decorating on a budget, and dancing while I cook(I can see my kids rolling their eyes as we speak). I believe whole-heartedly that chocolates and a good book go hand in hand. And, having experienced it myself, believe utterly in the power of true love.

I am very hands-on with my fans and thrive on their interaction.

My upcoming works include:

*The Drake Triplet's Story (No title yet)
And maybe something about Zombies, Bullying, and perhaps the end of the world, although not necessarily in that order.

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