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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Review # 15:All That We See or Seem- Tempest C. Avery

Title: All That We See or Seem
Author: Tempest C. Avery
Rating: 3/5 Stars
Review:I received this book from the author for a honest review. 
Four teenagers reside in our world, and keep having nightmares of another life. Theya re brought back to the world after three hundred years in the human world. The friends find out that they have a prophesy to complete when they returned. Did I mention that they have no recollection of this world which makes it difficult when they are the ones prophesied to save it. 
I found that the beginning of this book was very confusing because there wasn't really any information of that time, then suddenly they are in this new world. Also there are so many characters that it is hard to follow who is who. And there were not paragraphs to separate when the characters switched from one to the next. Also I found that the beginning was slow, it did pick up in the end, but then the book ended.
I did think the premise was good and I liked some of the characters. I will read the next book just to see where it goes and what happens to the characters that I liked. Also I liked that different types of paranormal a were included such as witches, faeries, shades and shape-shifters. 
Also I learned that they is a "first book" called "Where Thy Dark Eye Glances" which would have been nice to know before I read this book. So I feel that if people read the first book, and if this book gets more editing and has less confusion it could be a much better read.

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