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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Review #142: Paranormal Days Gone Awry- Melissa Ringsted

Summary: Bad days, we all have them. Even the supernatural beings among us. Do their powers and abilities make it easier or harder? You be the judge! In this anthology you'll see those doldrums days from every angle. From funny to tragic, from dragon to vampire, whatever your paranormal craving we have a flavor just for you! Enjoy one short story after another from many of today's hot and upcoming authors!
Title: Paranormal Days Gone Awry
Author: Melissa Ringsted (Editor)
Pages: 386
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Review: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review,

I really enjoy reading anthologies because you get a whole lot of awesome all in one book. I liked getting to read the different stories by different authors, some I know and some that were new to me. Plus I got to see how each of the authors write which helps to decide if I want to buy their full length novels or not. And if one of the stories isn't your thing there are more to chose from. I also liked seeing some of the authors that I know write out of their usual genres. Also I enjoyed if they were a novella to a story that I had previously read because then I got information that may not have been in the full length novel. And if it was a novella to. Novel I hadn't read it helped to determine if I would like the book. 
So if you are looking for some new authors but don't want to invest in a full length novel for fear that won't like it, an anthology is the way to go. Also if you enjoy paranormal short stories you need to grab this puppy up. I will definitely be watching for the next anthology.

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