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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Book Promo and GIVEAWAY: Winter Shadows- Casey Bond

Winter Shadows, releases Oct. 29, 2013!

A coming of age story following Claire, a young lady
struggling to find her place in the world after losing her mother to cancer.
After a corrupt American government declares a pandemic and forces residents
into quarantine encampments, Claire and her father, along with other members of
their Church and community, go into hiding in a cave system in rural West
Virginia. While coping with the losses of her mother, home, friends, sense of
safety and normalcy, Claire begins to pick up the pieces of her past, finding a
new normal despite the darkness surrounding her.

While adjusting to a new environment, and the group of
people she finds herself surrounded by, Claire is faced with several important
decisions that will influence the path her life will take. Who can she trust?
Who should she love? How can she survive? Forced to choose between Ethan's
steadfast, mature love and the love of mysterious and dangerous Colin who
appears. Claire learns the difference between infatuation and love. She becomes
self-reliant and strong. Despite her newfound confidence, and the isolation in
which she resides, evil is able to find her. While fighting against it, she
reestablishes her faith in God and opens her heart to the possibility of love.

Casey Bond lives in
West Virginia with her husband and two beautiful daughters. She graduated
from Hurricane High School in 1999 and received her Bachelor's degree in
Criminal Justice, Legal Studies in 2003 from Marshall University. You can reach
her at her website/blog at http://caseybond.tateauthor.com, Twitter @authorcaseybond,
or find her on Facebook and Pinterest!

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