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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Review #61: Exposing Kitty Langley- DeAnna Kinney

Title: Exposing Kitty Langley
Author: DeAnna Kinney
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Review: I received this Arc free from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Reading this book was my pleasure. I love DeAnna Kinney's writing style. This book was a quick and easy read but with a strong message. I found a lot of truth to the story because tons of people deal with bullying on an everyday basis. I found this to be a pretty severe case of bullying, where the bullies not only physically bullied Kitty, but also mentally and psychologically. I just feel like so many readers would relate to this book whether they were the bully or bullied. I liked that Reed saw what was going on and knew it was wrong and did everything in his power to help Kitty. I'm glad they found each other or I don't know how far the bullies would have taken their torture.
I really respect Kitty for standing up to those mean girls even though she knew that it would make her life a living hell. I definitely would not have been able to endure what she had to go through. I'm glad that Kitty could take the bad and make it good. Reed also grew on me. He was the hero, the hot guy but didn't know it. I believe that if Reed hadn't have been there to help Kitty that the story may have ended differently, and not in a good way. I also liked Haley, even though she was mean to Kitty in the beginning I felt like she realized that being mean to Kitty was wrong and to do the right thing. As I loved how some characters from Charity's books made appearances.
I would recommend this book to everyone. DeAnna Kinney has a way of grabbing the reader and not letting go. I can't wait to see where Reed and Kitty's journey goes. Thanks again DeAnna for another spectacular read.

About this author

I am a wife and mother of three, ages ranging from 4-17. I have been writing my whole life but only in the last 4 years have I gotten serious about it, and now I'm obsessed. Besides writing, I love reading, the color purple, Star Wars, decorating on a budget, and dancing while I cook(I can see my kids rolling their eyes as we speak). I believe whole-heartedly that chocolates and a good book go hand in hand. And, having experienced it myself, believe utterly in the power of true love.

I am very hands-on with my fans and thrive on their interaction. I also enjoy finding authors I love and then helping them promote their works. In doing so, I also benefit. You know, give and it shall be given and all that. 

My upcoming works include:

Charity Series Book 3(No title yet)
Exposing Kitty Langley
And maybe something about Zombies, Bullying, Vampires, and perhaps the end of the world, although not necessarily in that order.

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