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Friday, 4 January 2013

Review #67: Deceiving Destiny- Nadege Richards

Title: Deceiving Destiny
Author: Nadege Richards
Pages: 302
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Review: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This is the second book by the lovely Nadege Richards in The Bleeding Heart trilogy that I have been lucky enough to read and review. This start of this book is exactly how I like series to continue, by starting off where the last book ended. Especially in cases like this, where the first book Burning Bridges left off right at a good part. The P. O. V. 'S still switch effortlessly between the two main characters perfectly. I love how this novel was so different from the first one, but still meshed seamlessly. 
I feel that the characters have grown a lot in this book. Most of all Echo, because now she not only has to look out for her best interests but the interests of the whole group. The other members of their crew look to Echo for direction, she had to learn to be a great leader very quickly. She faced tough choices and had to stick by them even if it meant losing people in order to have a favourable outcome. Ayden is still a big part in the book, but mostly as Echo's support system as she learns the hard truths about her past and future. Theoughout the novel a few characters are lost, but we also gain a couple of main characters who will definitely shake the last book up. 
Another great read from Nadege Richards and I would recommend this book and series to any Nadege fans and to any readers who love a adventure with a touch of dystopian thrown in. I feel that these books can and will be a huge hit. I am really looking forward to reading the last book and everyone check the series out and add it to your TBR piles.

About this author

Born in New York City and raised in Pennsylvania, Nadege has traveled to five other states and two countries, but aspires to travel the world some day. Her name is of French origin, though she's never been to France. Forever a lover of art and all things pertaining to Literature, she hopes to obtain knowledge from her writing career, rather than popularity or fame. She wrote her first story about aliens and goats in the 8th grade and has had a passion for story-telling ever since. Her friends and family are her biggest inspiration, and the occasional cup of coffee. She enjoys being part of the Indie community and sharing her stories with the world.

Her debut novel, Burning Bridges, is her first completed novel. It isn't her first attempt in the writing world, but it's a tale about two lovers she hopes will change the way people view one another, in both big and small ways.

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