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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Blog Tour and Review: The Claiming Words- Tricia Drammeh

Summary: The Alexanders have always kept their secrets hidden…

When sixteen-year-old Jace Alexander moves to the small town of Oaktree, Georgia, he attracts the attention of every girl in school. Shy, introverted Alisa Cole immediately casts Jace in the leading role of her latest fantasy, but she assumes he’ll never return her interest. After she saves Jace from a Hunter, everything changes. Her accidental discovery of Jace’s secret propels her into a world of magic and danger. Alisa’s newfound courage is put to the test when Jace introduces her to his intimidating older brother, Bryce, and she decides she would rather battle a Hunter than endure another moment under Bryce’s intense scrutiny.

Jace and Bryce aren’t the only ones with secrets…

Rachel Stevens is the girl who has it all. She’s beautiful, popular, and in possession of an ancient power which endangers not only her, but those sent to protect her. Jace is drawn to Rachel—and he isn’t the only one. The Demon Re’Vel will do anything to claim her—even if it means waging a war with the entire Alexander family. As layers of secrets are peeled away, revealing the truth of her heritage and her family’s betrayal, Rachel struggles to resist an immortal suitor who stalks her in her dreams. With the Alexanders fighting to protect her, can Rachel escape the power of the Demon and his Claiming Words?

Title: The Claiming Words
Author: Tricia Drammeh
Pages: 231
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Review: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed is book! I felt like it had a fresh storyline about how witches are descended from the Fae, it made things very interesting. Also I enjoyed the demon presence in the novel. The story kept me interested with all of the action and mystery, but the real reason that I loved this book was the romance. Yes I said it the romance. It was so cute! I would have given this book 5 stars but the editing was not up to par. There were quite a few errors with sentences being in the wrong spots and I tried to overlook it the first few times but it kept happening and it was very distracting. (Since weighting me review I have contacted the author, she stated that this was a PDF copy and the updated version should be perfect).
Alisa was my favourite character because of her vulnerability if being a human. Plus I felt like she got shafted to the "friends" pile before she really got a chance. Jase was your typical teenage boy, not seeing the catch he had until it was too late. Then Rachel; whom I wasn't very fond of, sneaks in and ruins everything. I really didn't like her. She has been a bitch to Alisa forever and now expects Alisa to be her best friend. Plus she single- handedly ruined what could have been a cute relationship between Alisa and Jase. Luckily for Alisa in the end she got the better deal.
I feel like if this book gets edited, it could go from good to great!i would defiantly recommend this book to YA readers and paranormal lovers. I will anxiously be awaiting book 2.

About this author

Tricia Drammeh is the author of The Claiming Words. She currently lives with her family in St Charles, Missouri. The historic district is within walking distance and with every footstep down the brick-paved, haunted Main Street, she is transported to another time and her imagination takes flight. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, drinking vast amounts of coffee, or hanging out with the multitude of animals who have taken over her home.


  1. Thank you, Justine. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for posting the new book cover!

    1. You're welcome! I look forward to book two!