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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Review #94: The Night Touched Chronicles Book One Celine- Maegan Provan

Summary: Love
and War

Created by the First Born, The Night Touched created the bloodlines from which all modern day vampires descended. Different because of their incredible powers and advantages in the human world, The Night Touched were a special kind of vampire. However, they were believed to have died out centuries ago, and had been reduced to little more than whispers in the vampire world. 

Until now.

Harper Kemp was the only modern Night Touched in existence. The reasons behind her creation were unknown and she had been abandoned during her change. Eventually she was found by Lily and Jason and taught how to handle what she had become. She learned how to blend in with the human world and even made herself in to quite the socialite of the New York City elite scene.

After a plea for help in her dreams and the dangers of a forbidden love, Harper is sent down a path to discovery; not only is she not alone, she’s about to face her worst nightmare ― a devastatingly handsome slayer named Silas with a finger on her non existent pulse.

Title: Celine: The Night Touched Chronicles
Author: Maegan Provan
Pages: 208
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Review: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed this book from the very beginning. The cover is stunning! This book had a way about it. It was an easy read because it was action packed and kept the reader interested. I liked how there are two types of vampires and I found the background about each type very interesting. I also liked how the author incorporated other supernatural beings, but they didn't take away from the vampires. 
I enjoyed reading about Harper but I would like to know more about her. I want to know how she was turned and how old she was when it happened. I want to learn more about her family and before she became night touched. I also want to learn more about the night touched, they seem to have evolved powers and I want to see what else they can do. I loved that Harper was so loyal to her "sister" Celine, that she was willing to risk her life for her, even though they had never met before. The same goes for Celine, I want her story. I also really enjoyed Jason and Lily and I liked that Jason had opened up to Harper. And Silas, can't wait to see what happens there. Will he choose love or duty?
All in all, this was a great start to the trilogy. I can't wait to read more and find out where the story leads. I would recommend this book to vampire lovers. I look forward to the rest of the series.

About this author

Maegan Provan is the author the Celine(The Night Touched Chronicles #1). She lives in Arlington, Texas with her husband, Brian, and their dog and two cats. Maegan loves to write and does so as often as she can; when she isn't busy at work, of course. When she isn't writing, Maegan spends lots of time with her husband; Skyping with her best friend and fellow author, Victoria Barrow; and playing copious amounts of Guild Wars 2 and Minecraft.

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