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Monday, 11 March 2013

Blog Tour and Review: The Thirteenth- G.L. Twynham

Summary: Imagine starting at the end and finishing back at the beginning. This is the story of a teenage girl called Valerie Saunders who is about to be thrown through time and space. Being bestowed with abilities beyond her wildest nightmares, she discovers that she not only has to deal with turning eighteen, her first job and an unwanted tattoo, but also magical powers and intense urges to fall in love. She envisaged she would spend her life blending into the scenery, not blowing it up! Val has a calling, but which side is dialling her number?

Title: TheThirteenth
Author: G.L. 
Pages: 336
Rating: 3/5 Stars
Review: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This book was okay. I found it to be kind of draggy and I was wishing it would end. I felt like the author was trying to pack it too full and I don't think it worked in her favour. There was a lot happening but it was never really explained fully so I felt lost thought most of the book. The author kept throwing in random twists and turns that sometimes made no sense. 
I found Val to be way to trusting. "Just walk into a tattoo parlour and tell the guy working all the crazy shit that just happened to you". The crazier part of this was that he believed her. They become extremely fast friends, then he just happens to know that exact people that can help Val. I found Val's short blips into save people annoying, I felt that they were too short to give the reader the full story. 
I may or may not continue on with this series depending on my mood. I would still recommend this book to those who enjoy time travel.  

About this author

Born in Wellingborough in 1972, Georgia was brought up with her two older brothers in a sleepy Leicestershire village until at the age of fifteen, her parents decided to move abroad, taking her with them. A new country and a new language helped her come out of her shell and for eleven years, she lived and worked on the beautiful island of Menorca.

Georgia wrote short stories and poetry from an early age but her real passion for writing didn’t truly emerge until she was 31. Writing for her own web site and articles for magazines helped to support her and her daughter. After meeting her now fianc√©, she was given the encouragement and opportunity to write full-time and the rest is history.

Georgia felt there was a need for a strong British female heroine. She also wanted a main character that had a normal family, with problems that most teenagers/young adults in this country might be experiencing and could relate to. And so Val Saunders, daughter to Mike and Susan Saunders, was born.

Georgia spends time with her daughter in their little white cottage in Leicestershire and her life is filled with promoting her books, writing, running, and walking her dog Milly the Jack Russell.

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