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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Blog Tour Excerpt and Bio: Textual Encounters- Morgan Parker

Katie discovers an unlocked iPhone in the back seat of a taxi. But instead of turning it in to the driver as lost, she decides to keep it for herself. Outside of the usual clutter you would expect to find on a smartphone, what captures Katie's interest is the single conversation she finds on the phone's secure text messaging service, a three-month dialogue between a woman with an uncertain past named Christine and a single, eligible man named Jake. What starts out as a message intended for someone else ends up being the beginning of a relationship more powerful than anything Christine or Jake have ever experienced.

Excerpt: I’m sore, Jake. You’re an amazing lover, and not only because you can please me physically. The way you whisper my name in my ear, the way you kiss my neck while you’re on top of me and my legs are wrapped around your waist, the way you smile and trace your finger from the inside of my knee down to my butt (I love that!), and then seeing you when I wake up…!!! I’m smiling just thinking about it!!!

Author Bio:
Morgan Parker is the pen name of someone who thinks he is more important than he really is. At 38 years old, Morgan has two young children and is married to a woman who puts up with his self-diagnosed hypochondria and literary obsessions.


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