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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Blog Tour and Review: Pass or Fail- Barbara Morgenroth

Summary: Desires can be so deep and so demanding that all sense of what's right and good and appropriate is swept away in order to fulfill those needs.

What does it take to pass Mrs. Gray's English class?
Evan Augustine finds out it doesn't have anything to do with school work
but she'll make it about that to gain control. From insinuating herself into their rock band to who they see, Mrs. Gray will stop at nothing to get what she wants--her soulmate. Pass or fail has never been more of a threat in school or in life.

Mature YA
Formerly titled Her Cold Kiss

Title: Pass or Fail
Author: Barbara Morgenroth
Pages: 176
Rating: 3/5 Stars
Review: I received this book free from the author in exchange fr an honest review. This is the second novel by Barbara Morgenroth that I have read, but I didn't enjoy this book as much. I liked that this book was contemporary, but was also fairly believable. I liked the different POV's that were shown, but I felt like the most important POV was missing, Mrs.Gray's. I fell Ike she portrayed as the villain but I want to know her story. It seemed like the very last few chapters tried to tie her feelings and what she was doing together but I felt that it was a little forced. I would have liked to know her background and why she felt like she did. Also I want to know her reasoning behind the games she was playing. I still love the way Barbara Morgenroth writes and I will continue to read her books, this just wasn't one of my favourites. I would recommend this book to readers who love contemporary novels and those who like books with controversial topics. 

About the Author: 

Barbara was born in New York City but now lives somewhere else.
Starting her career by writing tweens and YA books, she was actually aiming at the small screen. Barbara wound up getting an audition at ABC's General Hospital but her hopes were more than dashed, they were disintegrated, evaporated, demolished when ABC couldn't find a place for her on the show. (No Luke and Laura in her future!) To ease the crushing disappointment, Barbara wrote "In Real Life I'm Just Kate" (now titled "Just Kate") about a 17 year old girl who becomes a star on a soap opera. That became an open sesame moment and shortly thereafter Barbara became the last headwriter for NBC's daytime serial, The Doctors.

After television, some nonfiction and romantic comedies, Barbara has returned to her first love, YA, by and large for the most part, but will always give in to temptation if something flirts with her hard enough. She's that kind of girl and writes Smart Books For Smart Women.

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